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Road closures and parking suspensions

There will be some road closures during the Parade (Photograph: Lauren Anderson)

This is the information for last year, when the Parade was on Saturday 27 June 2015.

Trafalgar Square

Pall Mall East will close at 6am to allow us to set up in Trafalgar Square. There will be access for residents of Suffolk Street and Suffolk Place. Traffic will be diverted via Cockspur Street bus lane, which will be suspended.

Golden Square

Golden Square will close at 6am to allow us to set up our family area. Traffic will be diverted via Beak Street to the north and Brewer Street to the south.

Parade route

The Parade assembles in Baker Street from 9am and starts moving at 1pm. It leaves Orchard Street and travels along Oxford Street, down Regent Street, along Pall Mall and Cockspur Street, before dispersing in Whitehall Place at around 4:30pm. Roads along the route will reopen behind the Parade, with all roads expected to be open by 6:30pm.

The Parade will assemble in Baker Street. This means the entire length between Paddington Street and Portman Square will be closed, with the section between Paddington Street and Marylebone Road used for contingency as needed. Paddington Street and Crawford Street east/west movement will remain open as long as possible to assist residents and businesses. All intersecting roads will be closed to general traffic. Any residents and businesses will be allowed access up to Baker Street.

Closed from 9am

To the west: Bickenhall Street, York Street, Crawford Street (remains open as long as possible), Dorset Street, Blandford Street, George Street, Portman Close, Portman Square (north side).

To the east: Porter Street, Paddington Street (remains open as long as possible), Dorset Street, Blandford Street, George Street, Robert Adam Street, Fitzhardinge Street.

Closed from 10am

Orchard Street, Portman Mews South (between Granville Place and Orchard Street), Edwards Mews (between Selfridges Car Park and Orchard Street), Oxford Street (between Portman Street and Great Portland Street) westbound will close between Tottenham Court Road and Great Portland Street, Regent Street (between Mortimer Street and Piccadilly Circus).

We will put up barriers along the parade route from Orchard Street into Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Waterloo Place, Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Horse Guards Avenue.

We need to place the barriers in the road at first, which means roads between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus (including approach roads) will close from 11am. The rest of the route from Piccadilly Circus to Horse Guards Avenue will close from 12pm. All intersecting roads will be closed to general traffic. Any residents and businesses will be allowed access up to the Parade route. We try to keep roads open for as long as possible to allow for north/south movement.

Closed from 11am

North of Oxford Street: Duke Street, James Street, Vere Street, Hollies Street, John Princes Street, Great Castle Street.

South of Oxford Street: Duke Street, Binney Street (between Weighouse Street and Oxford Street), Gilbert Street, Davies Street, New Bond Street, Harewood Place, Hanover Square.

West of Regent Street: Conduit Street (between Saville Row and Regent Street), New Burlington Street, Vigo Street (between Sackville Street and Regent Street), Air Street (between Piccadilly and Regent Street).

East of Regent Street: Great Marlborough Street (between Poland Street and Regent Street), Argyle Street, Little Argyle Street, Beak Street (between Warwick Street and Regent Street). Warwick Street will be made two-way (instead of one-way northbound). Diverted traffic will travel east on Glasshouse Street (between Warwick Street and Regent Street) and then south onto Sherwood Street.

Closed from 12pm

There will be more closures so we can finish building the barriers along the Parade route.

North of Oxford Street: Portman Square (south side), Wigmore Street (between Duke Street and Portman Square).

West of Regent Street: Piccadilly underpass (eastbound), Piccadilly (eastbound from Hyde Park Corner except buses and access, and between St James’s Street and Piccadilly Circus), Burlington Gardens (between New Bond Street and Vigo Street), Vigo Street (between Saville Row and Sackville Street), Pall Mall eastbound (between St James’s Square and Haymarket), Waterloo Place (between Regent Street and Carlton House Terrace), Car Charles II Street, Jermyn Street.

East of Regent Street: Shaftesbury Avenue (westbound between Charing Cross Road and Great Windmill Street), Haymarket, Panton Street (between Oxendon Street and Haymarket), Norris Street, Carlton Street. Charing Cross Road will be closed southbound if the crowds around Trafalgar Square affect traffic flow.

Between Regent Street and Whitehall: St Martins Place (between Duncannon Street and Strand), Strand (westbound from Lancaster Place, with residents/businesses allowed access up to Charing Cross Station), Northumberland Avenue (residents allowed access in and out). Craven Street, Northumberland Street and Villiers Street (access out via Adam Street and Strand), Great Scotland Yard, Whitehall Place, Whitehall Court (residents and businesses allowed access), Horse Guards Avenue, Whitehall, Parliament Street. The closure of St Martins Place will be extended to William IV Street if the crowds around Trafalgar Square affect traffic flow. There will be a suspension of no entry from Horse Guards Avenue into Whitehall Court.

When will the road closures end?

The floats from our Parade will disperse on Whitehall, Whitehall Place and Horse Guards Avenue between 3pm and 6pm. Roads along the route will reopen behind the Parade once it is safe. Baker Street will reopen as it is cleared. Crossing points, Oxford Circus and Oxford Street will reopen after the end of the Parade has passed. All approach roads will reopen when Piccadilly Circus is clear. Trafalgar Square will open once all approach roads are open. We expect all roads to be open again by 6:30pm.


Traffic will be restricted from Charing Cross Road – Oxford Street – Regent Street – Berwick Street – Poland Street, starting from 6am. This is to help ensure public safety as we set up the Parade and crowds start to gather.

Roads affected

Air Street, Archer Street, Bateman Street, Berwick Street, Brewer Street, Bridle Lane, Broadwick Street, D’Arblay Street, Dean Street, Frith Street, Glasshouse Street, Great Paultney Street, Great Windmill Street, Greek Street, Ingestre Place, Lexington Street, Manette Street, Moor Street, Noel Street, Old Compton Street, Peter Street, Rupert Street, Sheraton Street, Soho Street, Soho Square, Wardour Street, Winnet Street

Parking suspensions

There will be parking suspensions along the Parade route from midnight on Friday 26 June. Suspension signs will be in place at all affected locations. Any vehicles that remain in suspended bays will be removed.

Resident permit holders in zone G will be able to park in resident permit holder spaces in zones D, E, F and G zones from 6:30pm on Friday 26 June to 8:30 on Monday 29 June 2015.

If your vehicle is parked in any of the car parks in Soho and you need access to it on Saturday 27 June, you will need to move it by midnight on Friday 26 June. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your vehicle until after Pride has finished and roads have reopened in the early hours of Sunday 28 June.

Street Bays Type Locations
Baker Street 2 Pay 75-77
4 Pay 79-85
4 Pay 99-103
2 Disabled 113-115
1 Diplomatic 125
1 Diplomatic 109
1 Resident 123 -133
2 Red Route Loading 126 -136
Lower Regent Street 4 Disabled 10
Waterloo Place 3 Diplomatic North Pall Mall
3 Disabled North Pall Mall
3 Motorcycle North Pall Mall
Trafalgar Square (Pall Mall East) 1 Diplomatic Canada House
4 Disabled Canada House
Soho Square 4 Pay 33-36
3 Resident Opposiet 33-36
3 Motorcycle 33-36
2 Pay 27
1 Doctor D115 27
1 Doctor Ref D116 o/s 29 - 30
7 Resident Inner south opp 29-30
2 Car Club
9 Resident opp 27
Greek Street 6 Pay 1-4
4 Resident 7-12
2 Pay 50-52
6 Resident 46-48
3 Resident 39
2 Disabled 39
2 Loading 7-9
Romilly Street 2 Resident 34
Frith Street (all bays) 2 Pay 28 Opposite
1 Doctor 38 (D194)
3 Loading 31 Opposite
4 Resident Opposite 1
1 Disabled 17
5 Pay 11-16
7 Resident 4-10
4 Resident 1
Bateman Street 2 Resident 3-5
Carlisle Street 1 Electric S/o 38 Soho Square
1 Disabled S/o 38 Soho Square
1 Doctor S/o 38 Soho Square
5 Resident o/s Candy Bar
Dean Street 2 Resident 90
3 Resident 86-88 2 crossrail 1 free
2 Shared Use 82
3 Shared Use 82 -83
1 Motorcycle 79-80
1 Pay 78
4 Pay 74-75
3 Pay Dean St Townhouse O/s 69 -71
2 Resident 67
3 Resident 62
5 Resident 54-56
1 Resident 53
2 Pay 52
1 Resident 69
2 Loading bays o/s 54
Old Compton Street 5 Pay 25-33
6 Resident 4-12
5 Pay 49 - 55
Wardour Street 7 Resident 52-44
3 Motorcyle 52
2 Pay 101-103
1 Resident os 107- 109
2 Resident o/s 84 - 86
2 Pay 121 Screen House
4 Resident 98 -104
5 Pay 133-141
6 Resident 143-155
4 Resident 163-169
1 Motorcyle 175
1 Pay 177
2 Pay 193-195
1 Pay 181
1 Resident 109
Duck Lane 1 Motorcyle
Winnett Street 3 Pay
Archer Street 2 Disabled 9
2 Resident 16-13
Brewer Street 1 Disabled 28
4 Resident 29-35
4 Resident 59-69
2 Resident Titanic Restaurant
2 Motorcycle 83
3 Resident 78-82
Golden Square 2 Pay 17-19
1 Resident 15
1 Pay 15
1 Pay 13/14
6 Resident Op 13-19
8 Motorcycle All bays
2 Resident 20-21
4 Pay 22-25
2 Pay 29
6 Resident Inner west
4 Resident 33
2 Car Club 37
6 Resident Inner north
1 Pay 3 Outside
4 Pay 5-8
1 Pay 11
3 Pay op 7-9
1 Pay 35
Great Pulteney Street 4 Resident 17-14
5 Pay 14-10
1 Doctor 10
4 Resident 9-7
2 Motorcycle 5
3 Resident 4-1
1 Motorcycle 20-23
Manette Street 2 Motorcycle
3 Shared use
1 White badge bay D437
Duncannon Street 7 Diplomats South Africa House (Embassy)
Pall Mall East 2 Loading bays (15m) Outside Institute of Directors

Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about road closures and parking suspensions.